Folder Menu

Folder Menu 2.06

Add more functions to the mouse's middle key


  • Lots of configuration options
  • Easy to add your favorite folders and apps
  • Possible time saver


  • Unnecessary
  • Not intuitive


Folder Menu is a tool for advanced users which adds fast access to your favourite apps and folders using a hot key or the middle button on a three button mouse.

For a small application, Folder Menu has lots of configuration options. You can add hotkey commands that will open certain programs or folders, modify icons and choose the applications that you want to use Folder Menu.

It's pretty complicated to set up, and has little documentation, so isn't really suitable for casual users of Windows! Also, it seems not to work with all three button mice, meaning you can lose half the functionality of the program. Some users may find it an invaluable tool, while others may feel it's pointless. Windows key + W hotkey command may useful, in that you can essentially have your start menu pop up wherever you are working on the screen instead of stuck on the start button.

Folder Menu might save you time, depending how you use your PC, but it's unnecessary for most users

Folder Menu


Folder Menu 2.06

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